Technical support  
  Computer support and maintenance on site or remotely

  Selling of hardware and sofware which suits your needs the best

  Backup & replication  
  Online backup, consolidation and high availability of computer systems

  Cloud & Hosting  
  Web hosting, private cloud, plublic cloud

  Green IT  
  New technologies  

  Centralized protection, anti-spam, Internet trafic control
Professional secrecy and protection against data theft

  ICT Audit  
  Computers system audit to identify risks and priorities

  UNS has built great partnerships with the most reliable partners to meet your requirements  

Professional services for SMB and freelances

Your IT infrastructure needs to evolve?
New needs, new staff, new projects?

We help you to manage this evolution. Our great knowledge of the SMB world allows us to offer solutions tailored to your specific needs for managing your IT infrastructure.

UNS provides you with support services following your needs.
With its strong experience in the field of ICT and the training of its senior employees - UNS put its expertise at your service to provide a reliable local service, a prompt follow-up and a customized approach.



Failure, virus or simple question? Take advantage of our support any time. It will provide you a professional, dynamic and specialized team that will solve your computer problems.

Our remote control technology saves you the costs of unneeded travel expenses wherever possible and offers you the insurance to get prompt support and solutions.

A middle class car easily generates 6 tons of CO per year. Because our environment is precious, the use of the online medium allows a more sustainable action by reducing the generated emissions.

Hardware & Software

Throughout its evolution, UNS has managed to find the most reliable hardware and software suppliers on the market.

In terms of hardware, we are able to deliver large quantities within 4 business hours.

In terms of software, Microsoft and VMWare's reputations which are at the base of our proposals are well established.
Take advantage of our expertise to ensure your safety and help you achieve the best return on investment.


Why ?
This operating mode provides :
- Flexibility
- Performance
- Profitability
- Technological Competence
You save time, energy and you can focus your internal resources on your primary area of activity.

How ? We offer you one of our technicians for a period of time, for example one day, one week or one month. During this period, he’ll perform the tasks defined in the agreed mission. As part of a large project, you benefit from the experience of an expert to carry out your projects in a safe and reliable way.

Server hosting

You wish to enjoy the benefits of a professional IT infrastructure, a monthly fee and of a customized configuration.

Increase your security and ensure a remote access to your resources from anywhere and at any time is one of your goals?

Our offers are for you.

Our responsible management tends to minimize the environmental impact of computer systems thanks to the sharing of physical resources and to the « Green Compliant » choice used when buying equipment.