Technical support  
  Computer support and maintenance on site or remotely

  Selling of hardware and sofware which suits your needs the best

  Backup & replication  
  Online backup, consolidation and high availability of computer systems

  Cloud & Hosting  
  Web hosting, private cloud, plublic cloud

  Green IT  
  New technologies  

  Centralized protection, anti-spam, Internet trafic control
Professional secrecy and protection against data theft

  ICT Audit  
  Computers system audit to identify risks and priorities

  UNS has built great partnerships with the most reliable partners to meet your requirements  


A few major events
  25/01/2013 - UNS is now certified VMWare Professional Service Provider.
  28/11/2012 - UNS is now certified VEEAM Gold Partner - Cloud Provider.
  01/12/2011 - A new senior employee joins UNS to preserve its QoS and cope with the growing number of customers.
  25/11/2011 - UNS becomes "Service Provider" and officially launch its hosting service for dedicated and shared servers..
  23/11/2011 - UNS wins its lawsuit against a dutch company and acquire the domain name
  08/11/2011 - UNS becomes reseller for Veeam licenses and "Service Provider"..
  25/09/2011 - UNS provides Wimesh authentication and filtering servers for wireless connections for the Belgian Motocross Championship event.
  23/09/2011 - UNS becomes Microsoft licensing reseller and "Service Provider"..
  23/09/2011 - UNS becomes reseller of VMWare licenses and "Service Provider"..
  23/02/2010 - UNS becomes "Microsoft Partner".
  11/01/2010 - A new Senior employee joins UNS to address the increasing number of customers.
  30/01/2009 - UNS launch its online backup service.
  01/01/2009 - Nicolas Giloteau become a major associate, UNS name is added to the articles of association.
  01/10/2008 - Nicolas Giloteau join Laurent Ulrich in Universal Network Solutions.
  01/01/2008 - The freelance activity Ulrich Network Solutions becomes the Universal Network Solutions company.
  01/01/2006 - Laurent Ulrich registers as freelance and create Ulrich Network Solutions.