Technical support  
  Computer support and maintenance on site or remotely

  Selling of hardware and sofware which suits your needs the best

  Backup & replication  
  Online backup, consolidation and high availability of computer systems

  Cloud & Hosting  
  Web hosting, private cloud, plublic cloud

  Green IT  
  New technologies  

  Centralized protection, anti-spam, Internet trafic control
Professional secrecy and protection against data theft

  ICT Audit  
  Computers system audit to identify risks and priorities

  UNS has built great partnerships with the most reliable partners to meet your requirements  

Your internet and phone connections

Through providing a complete and efficient service but also to facilitate the communication among stakeholders related to your ICT, UNS establish great partnerships with reliable partners for your Internet access and phone connections.

Depending on your needs and on the availability of fast internet lines in your area, we are able to offer various services to help you make the best of the most advanced technologies in the field.



UNS take care of your internet access and make you aware of the dangers of a single link is part of our efforts.
Indeed, what is more disturbing than being cut of the Internet in the middle of the week ?

To reach that goal, we undertake for you the necessary steps to ensure the continuity of services.

No more long waits to get a tech from your provider on the line, UNS contact directly his partner and manage the issue.

This way you have a single point of contact for all ICT related matters and the assurance of having a quick solution.

Voice over IP

For a simple phone network or an IP network extended across multiple sites, UNS has a great knowledge of telephony.

Take advantage of our services to integrate your phone infrastructure to your network or to implement a reliable phone system in which you can manage yourself the calls, the waterfall calls, the call redirections, the call transfers, ...

When the need arise, UNS uses trusted partners to help you achieve your goals by developing for example specialized applications which meet your most stringent requirements.
Based on your specifications, no surprise could arise, you know exactly what you are expecting and our developers will do their best to meet your expectations.

Internet & wireless

UNS has a partnership with the one Belgian supplier who received the rights to set up high speed wireless voice and data installations.

Whether you being in Brussels or in a remote corner of the country, we are able to provide you a "customized" internet connection within 10 working days, with a fixed or scalable speed to manage the flow according to your specific needs.

For your indoor or outdoor wireless networks, UNS master the subject extensively. Let us demonstrate this by giving you without commitment an offer that meets your exact needs.