Technical support  
  Computer support and maintenance on site or remotely

  Selling of hardware and sofware which suits your needs the best

  Backup & replication  
  Online backup, consolidation and high availability of computer systems

  Cloud & Hosting  
  Web hosting, private cloud, plublic cloud

  Green IT  
  New technologies  

  Centralized protection, anti-spam, Internet trafic control
Professional secrecy and protection against data theft

  ICT Audit  
  Computers system audit to identify risks and priorities

  UNS has built great partnerships with the most reliable partners to meet your requirements  

The best partner for freelances and SMB

You are a freelance or a manager and need a strong and reliable ICT partner.

UNS SCRL is a cooperative company, active in ICT consultancy. With its pragmatic approach, it offers you adapted and proactive solutions in line with your management needs and expectations.

UNS offers a powerful and efficient computer service to match your needs - Enjoy the best of the computer and telecommunication world with confidence.

We guarantee ...

Controlled costs

With Universal Network Solutions, to afford the services of computer experts is available to all kind of businesses. Our goal? To provide a professional support that gives you the best return on investment. Moreover, the documented methods and tools that we use ensure the transparency and consistency of your work processes. A guarantee of continuity and stability for your company!

An Excellent service

The methodologies used in our work and the level of our analysts and consultants are the warranties of the quality of our solutions ... That's why we make a point of honor to make sure of their level of excellence. With 60 years of experience and our knowledge of the expectations of your business, we guarantee a high quality service, close to you and your needs.

A lasting contribution

To improve the performance of his company is now synonymous with rapid technological changes. Thanks to its technological awareness and its proactive management, Universal Network Solutions gives you the assurance that the choices made for your computer infrastructure reflects the latest technological innovations, particularly in ecology.

Interventions 24*7

To meet the specific requirements of SMB's and freelances, Universal Network Solutions has developed various formulas:
  • A global support
  • Contracts for weekly or monthly maintenance
  • Day to day or emergency interventions onsite or remotely
In all cases, we can step in 7/7 and 24/24h