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  Computer support and maintenance on site or remotely

  Selling of hardware and sofware which suits your needs the best

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  Online backup, consolidation and high availability of computer systems

  Cloud & Hosting  
  Web hosting, private cloud, plublic cloud

  Green IT  
  New technologies  

  Centralized protection, anti-spam, Internet trafic control
Professional secrecy and protection against data theft

  ICT Audit  
  Computers system audit to identify risks and priorities

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Backup solutions designed by professionals, for professionals

Backing up your data is vital for your business.
Accounting data, commercial data, emails or databases, ...
Entrust the backup of your data to professionals.

UNS, aware of the stakes and specialist in the SMB ICT needs, has developed the solutions to achieve the most advanced security levels.

To allow a full recovery within hours, protections against disasters, data theft or data loss – call upon us to secure you in every way.
Please note that our backup solutions are environmentally friendly.
Adding a client on the platform requires no additional equipment and does not generate an additional gram of CO.


Online backup

You Want to safeguard your data, maintain a control on the budget and enjoy the best market prices? You want to be able to recover your data even in case of fire, theft or disaster?

« UNS Backup Pro » allows the backup and the restoration of your data, emails and databases on Windows, Linux, Apple and Novell.

How? UNS takes care of everything.
At regular intervals, the backup agent configured by us runs and sends on a local destination or on our remote servers - securely - the new encrypted data through various security protocols.

The restoration can be done via the backup agent or via an easy and friendly web interface at your disposal through our online backup service.

Backup of your servers

Ease, make reliable, ensuring the possibility of restoration and especially - to be able to restore production servers quickly is a major factor in the context of a good managing for an IT infrastructure.

UNS applies constantly the safest way to protect your servers entirely. To do so, what could be easier than to use a reliable company that tests and continuously trains its technicians on the advanced technologies available on the market.

The cost?
The cost is very limited because included in the overall strategy put in place to ensure your safety.

Disaster Recovery

Why ?
To ensure the durability of the company.

The business continuity is a crucial concept for any leader. If this factor is not taken into account, the consequences can be disastrous and lead to the demise of the company or, at best, to a major loss of data, of productivity and of confidence with your partners and clients.

As part of our services, UNS provides alternative access solutions to a replication of your servers via temporary production sites of the type «Smart Workcenter».

Our priority is your safety - UNS always tries to sensitize their customers about the needed security measures which have to be implemented by providing pragmatic, inexpensive and truly useful solutions.